After a long day's work in the meadow, Brawny Rodrigo likes to drink his sparkling water in the shade by the grapefruit tree. When the season comes 'round, he'll take a fallen grapefruit, tear it with his teeth a little, and squeeze a few drops into his drink. He sits there, watching the sunset for about an hour, then gathers up his basket with the citrus and heads home.

One night during the citrus harvest season, he was feeling quite restless, and couldn't get to sleep. He hadn't showered and was a bit musky. After ruminating on aging, and romance, and his business, he finally he got up, and began rummaging around his cabin.

He didn't know quite what he was looking for. He was out of valerian and chammomile, and for the life of him couldn't find his little sleep tincture he'd made a few months back when business problems had been keeping him up. He made a small sigh and slowly sank into a chair by the kitchen table. "There has to be something to help me settle down," he muttered. "I suppose I could always count sheep," he contemplated with a raised eyebrow and a handsome grin (Brawny Rodrigo is in the wool business). It was then that he closed his eyes and thought of the sunset earlier that afternoon. When he opened his eyes he saw the basket of citrus on the table.

"Aha!" he said aloud, and grabbed several grapefruits and a few of the little bitter oranges from the meadow and took off to his room. There, he placed them all around his bed - one by the window, one by the footing, one by the headboard, and one at his nightstand. Grabbing a field knife from his work jeans, he went over to his bed and made little cuts in the skin of the fruits. After applying a few dabs of his homemade aftershave on the citrus scars, he went to his bathroom to wash his face.

He took a good look in the mirror.

"It's time to get to sleep," he said to himself, staring calmly at the soft brown eyes gazing back at him.

Brawny Rodrigo made his way back to his bedroom, where he tucked himself into a bed of golden velvet covers, falling fast asleep.


Velvet Grapefruit is an invigorating blend of vetiver, grapefruit, petitgrain, and black pepper. Made with red palm oil and shea butter.

Experience a bit of that 'Aha!' moment each time you wash your face at night, with Velvet Grapefruit. It may not put you to sleep, but you might find yourself dreaming of someone brawny.